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In March of 2017, Rep. Steve King of Iowa told reporter Philip Rucker of the Washington Post, “Western civilization is the most successful civilization the world has ever seen”. In 2019, Ben Shapiro, owner of the Wire Magazine, expressed a similar sentiment when he said: “”I believe Western civilization is superior to other civilizations.”

My initial reaction to these statements was anger and indignation. How dare anyone imply that their race and or culture was superior to anyone else’s? This reaction was short lived as I realized Rep. Steve King and Mr. Shapiro were victims of their education. Did they learn about the culture and contributions of any other race or culture besides theirs? And if they did, were they taught about other cultures in any depth and truth?

The obvious answer is no, other wise they would not make such ignorant statements. Hence, I thought perhaps this might be one of the many causes of racism. If you’re taught that you and yours are the only ones to have made worthwhile contributions to mankind, then the obvious assumption is that everyone else must be less than or inferior in some way! Additionally, if  all you’re taught about a race is that they are ex slaves, it becomes difficult to see them as anything else, especially if the media continuously portrays said group negatively.

By the same token, if all you’re taught about your race is that they were ex salves and therefore somehow inferior, and if you also only see negative images of yourself, unfortunately, you too might begin to self-identify with such images and behave accordingly. Hence, once again, the need for education; that is, we need to know that our history is a glorious one and did not begin with slavery. Imagine discovering that you were not only the first man, but created the first civilization and ruled great kingdoms throughout the world; would you not walk taller and carry yourself with more pride? Again, education is the key to self-love and pride!

Because of the reasons previously listed, I decided to launch an organization that would address these concerns; hence “A New Day-Africa’s Diaspora” was born!!

I would like to thank the following people, Evelyn Coulson, Chaneta Lewis, Idara Okopide, Cecil Weeks, & Tehana Weeks. You were an inspiration! Words are inadequate to express the gratitude I, and ANDAD feel! Obrigado! Thank you! Gracias! Merci! આભાર! Don’t be a stranger, you’re very close family!!!