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By Founder Dr. Julia Weeks aka Aziza

Welcome, ¡Bienvenido/a!, Bienvenue !, Bem-vindo/ સ્વાગત છે / a! It is with great pleasure, joy, excitement, and love that I welcome the African Diaspora. Our friends, family, and partners around the world to our website. Please feel free to add your welcome in your language of choice if one of those used is not yours. The dream of forming this organization has been long in the making, but I truly believe it is being launched exactly when it’s supposed to.

The reasons for my launching this endeavor can be found on the history page of this website.

We, at ANDAD, feel that we, and everyone else, should know as much about the Songhai Empire of West of Africa, as they do the Roman Empire; we simply ask that the rest of the world is as knowledgeable about the contributions of Africans to civilization as they are about those of the Greeks, (many of whom learned from Africans, according to the ancient Greek Historian, Herodotus, via the Egyptians, whom he identified as Black) We have no intention of exerting superiority, as that would make us no different than those who used the same erroneous philosophy to dominate and suppress us; bur rather, we come in love and humanity, simply exerting our place beside the rest of the world, where we all belong as equals. Let us live together in harmony, looking for solutions to our world’s problems.

Besides sharing our glorious history with the world, other things to be found on this website, are merchandize relating to the Diaspora for sale, links to related websites, sources, suggested books about the Diaspora and its’ history, as well as good news shares about the diaspora. From time to time, we may also launch competitions to generate interest in our goals!

Please feel free to message us with ideas and suggestions. CAUTION: THIS IS A SAFE PLACE AND NO INSULTS ARE ALLOWED. Should you have a criticism of any kind, please do so respectfully. We’re promoting unity and love, and only those things that promote this will be allowed!!

Thanks for visiting, and please share the link with all your friends and family! We have a donation page should you want to contribute towards fulfilling our goals and dreams! Thanks!

We look forward to interacting with you!!